About Us

Compassionate Veterinary Care began as an idea, developed by Dr. Lucas when a mentor asked her: “What would your dream workplace look like? Write down every detail.” Her mentor then told her, “Make it happen!”

Dr. Lucas’s ideal veterinary clinic incorporated more than just high quality veterinary care. She envisioned a warm, welcoming atmosphere- a place that pets, their humans and the staff would enjoy coming to. Her perfect team consisted of well trained and educated people, who were motivated by providing high quality veterinary care and going above and beyond to achieve client satisfaction. She envisioned herself as a trusted member of the community- helping owners understand their role in allowing their pets to live the healthiest and happiest lives possible. Together they would strive to provide high-quality medicine in a compassionate manner.

Step by step, this idea began to take shape- the perfect site was found and transformed into a beautiful yet functional veterinary practice. Her team was recruited and together they developed their standards for high-quality veterinary care and customer service. They researched and discussed how they can create a stress-free environment for the pet and the pet owner. Finally, the name of Compassionate Veterinary Care was chosen- with the goal that people would understand our mission simply by reading the sign.

This is just the beginning! With our foundation in place, we will continue to write our story.

We’re one big family.

One Big Family

Our veterinary care team puts your pet’s health first.

Full-Service Hospital

All of your pet’s healthcare needs under one roof.

Compassionate Veterinary Care in West Branch, Michigan.


We understand and embrace how important your pet is to your family. We value the trust you have in us to assist you with allowing your pet to live a healthy, happy, comfortable life for as long as possible.


3197 W Houghton Ave.
West Branch, MI 48661
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Mon – Thu: 9 AM – 5 PM
Fri: 9 AM – 1 PM
Weekend: Closed

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