Hello to our CVC Family!

I wanted to reach out and offer some reassurance during these turbulent times we are facing.

Compassionate Veterinary Care is NOT closing, and we are continuing to offer our services to all of you. However, we are also being realistic about the health and safety risks for ourselves and for our clients. Therefore, we have implemented improved disinfection protocols to keep YOU safe, in addition to our normal protocols that are more geared to keeping your pets safe. For example, even though we have an amazing cleaning crew that comes in every evening and we always disinfect each exam or procedure room between patients, we are now also routinely wiping down countertops, furniture, door handles, etc with Clorox wipes!

We are also asking that if you, or someone you’ve been in contact with is not well, that you let us know. Or if you or someone you come into contact with, is considered “high risk”, please inform us of this as well. We will not refuse to see your pet if there is a health concern, but we will adjust from our normal routine. For example, we may take a thorough history over the phone instead of face to face, and/or we will come and get your pet from your vehicle so you don’t have to come into the clinic. These measures will help keep you safe, our other clients safe, and ourselves safe.

One other service we are preparing to implement over the next 2 days is telemedicine! This is actually exciting for me as it’s been a service I’ve been interested in offering for a while now. Essentially, what telemedicine will allow us to do is have a face to face conversations and be able to do a hands off exam of your pet via Facetime or Facebook Video Messenger. Obviously a hands-off exam is limiting to some extent, but this will allow us to triage your sick pet in order to make further recommendations, assess response to a prescribed treatment, or decide that a hands-on exam is necessary. Please stay tuned for more information as we unveil this new service!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us! If you do have a question or concern, and it is outside of our normal business hours, or if it is within our business hours but you can’t call, please send us an email or a Facebook message. We do our best to check and respond to these during our regular business hours and outside of normal business hours.

If you have any specific questions about COVID-19 and how it may affect your pet’s health, please let me know! There is still quite a bit to learn about this virus, but we are staying on top of things and will be able to help you decipher “real news” from “fake news”. 🙂

All of us at CVC hope that all of you remain safe and healthy! We will continue to do what we can to ensure that! Please rest assured that we will also continue to be here for your furry family members!

~Dr. Charlotte Lucas

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